Beta build of the ZR-CSAPI for Windows

We now have a beta build of the ZR-CSAPI for Windows, hosted at the beta file server.

Integrators can request access to it by sending email to

Thank you Alex.  I have been wanting to test this on my implementation!

Alex, the windows build has zero bugs or issues from a logic perspective on all functions capable in the zoom room on OSX ZAAPI SSH client.

Where it is failing majorly is in the SSH connection itself.  We have a reconnect button in our app which works flawlessly on the OSX version.  But in windows the connection still is hanging and not allowing us a fresh connection.  Its basically dead somehow.  I can easily show you on a screenshare session how the OSX recovers when we disconnect.

The same goes for when I close the windows APP.  Normally the OSX app and our process get a reconnection when the app boots up just fine.  But I just get a stale broken pipe on the windows machine.  Shoot me an email to setup a call to show you.  Eventually I would like to get you guys a virtual machine running this zoom and our software so you can debug and now might be the time so we can setup a fake zoom room for you and you can see what I am seeing and make development tweaks on the windows SSH side to see what is happening.