Black screen on zoom web sdk video after update chrome version

Hello friend,

I’m having problems with the video zoom which only shows a black screen on the host side, but on the attendee side it’s normal (host : host can’t see the video itself but the host can see the video from the attendee, attendee : attendee can see the video itself and the video from the host).
this happened when i updated the google chrome version.

i am using :

  • zoom web sdk version 1.9.6
  • google chrome version 92.0.4515.107

what do I have to do?

Same issue as: Gallery View Button not showing in Chrome Browser - #5 by MaxM

Thanks for your help @Gdrum!

Let me know if you have any questions @agus.wiranata


@raosaleem check this : Getting Blank screen on self Video - #6 by agus.wiranata

Thanks for the recommendation @agus.wiranata :slight_smile:

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