Both participants online but didn't meet

both participants online but they can’t see each other
Which Web Meeting SDK version?
To Reproduce(If applicable)
I can’t reproduce the case

Hey @desouky

I am sorry to hear you have an issue with a meeting.
Could you please try using the latest version of the SDK or running our sample app to see if you are still having this issue?


Hello @elisa.zoom ,
it seems that problem not in sdk version , as when iam using api to get report
i found that zoom detect participant join after 10 minutes from actual join
ex : participant join at 9:00 PM zoom detect that participant joining time is 9:10 PM
i don’t thing it is sdk issue as it is occurred in mobile also which run different sdk

Hi @desouky
Thanks for the update. So you are seeing this issue when calling our API?
Could you confirm what endpoint you are calling?

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