Webhook issue

Hello, we are making the transition from V1 webhooks to V2. Webhook is triggered just fine but we are not getting any meeting related data as we used to get in V1.


kind Regards

Hi, the probable reason is that the format of payload of v2 is a little different to the v1. You can get any meeting related data which you can get in v1 by using v2.

You can try to check if the payload is correct.

We tried to but content is empty. Also there is no definition about V2 payload in documentation. We’d love to check it :slight_smile:

Tried this too. The webhooks come as empty. No payload in body or in head

Hi. Can you please tell me your userId or meetingId? We can try to fix the issue. Thanks

Following this issue. I’ve been having the same problem since around March.

Hi @rich1,

What version of the webhooks are you trying to use and which webhook in particular?


Now I’m using the most recent version. The older version was behaving badly, asking me to declare my controller function as a GET, when it’s clearly a POST.

After switching to the new version, I was still getting an empty payload. I tinkered around and realized that I can’t pass a JSON-derived .NET class as an argument to the function. Rather, I pass nothing and read in the JSON as a string, asynchronously, and finally, use JSON.NET to convert it to my class. Now it works.

This should be documented somewhere.

Also, this is the third time that the API has changed for these webhooks with no backwards compatibility. What I mean is, when Zoom’s APIs and webhooks first came out, the event status for a meeting starting was “STARTED”. Then in the next version it was “meeting_started”, and now it’s “meeting.started”. That makes it very time-consuming to discover the change and then push it through my code.


Hi @rich1,

We apologize if you had trouble figuring out what works best for your platform. However, we’re going to deprecate the Webhook APIs[1] in the near future in place of our marketplace subscription webhooks[2] along with providing API versioning to help with backwards capability.

1 - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/webhooks/webhooks
2 - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/tools-resources/webhooks

Let us know if you need anything else.