BUG: chat bot scope account:read:admin cannot make api calls

A chat bot app with scope account:read:admin when installed cannot make api calls to

GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/accounts

The response is:

Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [account:master, zms:account:read, account:write:master, account:read:master, zms:account:write]

Scope Documents state that given account:read:admin one should be able to make READ|GET accounts api calls

This is the screenshot you get when you try to install the app, which clearly stats that one can view account information.

Hey @attock,

Do you have Master account privileges through your Zoom plan/license, and have you ensured that the Master Account option has been enabled for the account you’re requesting from?

Let me know—thanks!

So a potential issue is that its letting me install the app and I would expect that such a user should not be allowed to install the app in first place. Should it not prevent it from installing?

Hi @attock,

If the user in question does not have the necessary permissions on their account, they wouldn’t be able to install an account-level app. Are you testing this using your own master account?


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