BUG: Spotlighted web participant's video freezes with 3 people after 1 left

3 participants walk into a pub.
1 is a web client.
1 is the pub owner (the host) using the official Zoom desktop application
1 is whatever.

The pub owner (host) puts the spotlight on the 1 web client for him to sing, and he does so, yet the 1 whatever participant thinks his singing sucks, so he leaves.

Since we’re only left with 2 participants, a bug walks into the spotlight, ruining the performance and freezes the video image of the web participant on the host’s side.
The client web side doesn’t notice his camera’s broadcast froze. If 1 of the sides cancels the spotlight, the camera is back to normal.

Version 1.8.3 web client SDK.

Connect with regular Zoom app as a host and open a meeting.
Connect to the meeting with a web client SDK website.
Let a 3rd person join the meeting.
Using the host side, ‘spotlight for everyone’ the Zoom client SDK website user.
Let the 3rd person leave the meeting.
The client SDK user’s video feed on the host’s Zoom application froze due to spotlight bug.

Windows. Chrome.

Hey @Mikron,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I appreciate your example of the issue you’re encountering, it certainly helped to illustrate the issue for me. I’ve since reached out to our engineering team in order to have this investigated and will update you when I hear back from them. (CS-2679)


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