Business account level functionality

Note: This doesn’t feel like the right forum to ask this question but in absence of other pathways, I am starting here. Hoping for some guidance on how to proceed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We are working to add some functionality to our Zoom App using features that requires a Business level account (eg. audio transcripts and later live transcription).

I have discovered that business account is required for these features. Further, it seems that in order to upgrade to a Business account, there is a minimum of 10 licenses required.

How can I generate a business account to develop against this features without creating 10 licenses?

Error? / Problem
Unable to create a business account with less than 10 licenses.

API Endpoint/s?


How To Reproduce
Attempt to upgrade current account (basic or pro) to business account to leverage specific functionality.

Additional context
Would like to develop functionality that leverages audio transcripts (both live and as a meeting file).

If this is better as a general question in that forum, I am happy to cross post there instead.
I am just looking for some guidance on the best way to proceed.

Hi @gibron, I’ll reach out to you directly to make sure you get the features needed to develop with.

I see your direct message and appreciate the help :pray: