How do you test how your app works with business account, when you don't have business account?

What’s the best way to check if my app works with a business account, when I don’t have a business account?

I wanted to use the recording transcript that comes with a business account.
But when I try to upgrade my account from pro to business, the site shows a minimum of 10 accounts.

I contacted support and a sales rep showed up and confidently said purchasing 10 accounts for $200/m is the most recommended way for an individual developer to test their prototype app. (And he insisted business accounts come with tons of great features so those unused extra accounts shouldn’t worry me or something like that…lol). This is not a complaint or report, but I felt I have to double-check.

I just wanted to check how other people are testing their app when it uses some features that come with business accounts, but you don’t have a business account yourself… Anyone in a situation like mine?

Thank you!

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