Buy/increase plans on a "normal" (non sub/master) account

I am still trying to understand how to integrate Zoom with our platform using Zoom API and a JWT app (server-to-server). It was not easy to have some info on the master account and partner program, since zoom plans do not show anything. But on some links posted here by zoom staff I’ve found out the price for a partner program too high for our business and customers. Instead our customers could afford a normal pro or business license per host.

Assuming API calls from JWT app:

  1. If we use our company account to contain all host users, we’ll need to buy/release pro/business plans depending on usate. Is there an API we can use to increase/decrease plans associated to our account?

  2. Is it possibile to create users on a normal (non master) account (with pro/business plans assigned) without them having to confirm email? We already confirm user emails on subscription to our service and it would be annoying for our customers to confirm the same email again on another service.


Hey @bragma,

Yes, you can create users with specific plans, and edit their plans and features.

No, you would need an isv plan to use the custCreate option.