Bypass "the host would like you to unmute your microphone"

we develope a control app that give and remove permission to talk to users so.

meeting is set to “allow Participant to unmute themeself” to false

if user don’t mute by himself all works good !

but if the user mute himself during he “add permission to talk” , zoom ask a client the permission to unmute.

Can this be bypassed from host or sdk ?

the code is pretty simple :
ipcRenderer.send('asynchronous-message', 'muteAudio',userid,false);

ipcRenderer.send('asynchronous-message', 'unMuteAudio',userid);

in the main.js i have the function:

  muteAudio: function(userid, allowunmutebyself) {
    let opts = {
      userid: userid,
      allowunmutebyself: allowunmutebyself
    let ret = zoomaudio.MeetingAudio_MuteAudio(opts);
    console.log('MuteAudio', ret, opts);
  unMuteAudio: function(userid) {
    let opts = {
      userid: userid
    let ret = zoomaudio.MeetingAudio_UnMuteAudio(opts);
    console.log('UnMuteAudio', ret,opts);

so if i send a command like :
MuteAudio 0 { userid: '4444444', allowunmutebyself: false }
i’m presume that i do a “permission reset” to client so, when i try to unmute again the client don’t need to ask the user permission !

There is a safe workaround for let host mute and unmute user whitout user permission ?

Hi f.barone,

Thanks for the post. Our Electron SDK does not have any interfaces to bypass that notification.


Hi f.barone,

I encountered your mentioned matter, host cannot directly unmute the participants, which needs the participants’ permission. I found out this only happens for Android devices.

May I know where to edit the programming command?


in the mail What’s New at Zoom - Week of May 18 this “ask for permission” seems to become a standard for all the meeting after the 30 may !

Your case is strange that only occours on android devices,
i noticed that this appen to a guest who before mute by herself.

like this:
Meeting set to “allow users to unmute by herself”

a) a guest enter and don’t touch mic : you can mute and unmute without permission (until the 30 may)
b) a guest enter and unmute and mute herself : you cannot unmute without guest permission (now and after 30may)

@f.barone thanks for helping out.

Hi @sfgcmzbzoom,

Thanks for the reply. This follows the design of the Zoom client but it should apply to all platforms. There is no way to bypass this.


Is this for real? We have meetings with 50 participants and random people raise their hand to say something

The hosts unmute microphones. We don’t allow themselves to unmute because different reasons (mistake, kids, elders, etc)

Hi @sunco007,

The “ask for permission” change is like the following: When the host asked an attendee to unmute the audio, there will be a prompt shown on the attendee side, and the attendee has the right to select “unmute” or “stay muted”, it is the same behavior as the host ask the attendee to start the video.

So you could still configure to disallow the attendee to unmute by themselves, it’s just when the host asks the attendee to unmute, the attendee will need to provide consent.


With an average of 70 voice comments we will use/waste a lot of time waiting for confirmation in asking to unmute

Would be nice a permission like “agree the host to unmute my microphone anytime” when join a meeting

Thanks for listen


I apologize but the introduction of this functionality was made without any logic.

  1. This feature has been implemented only for mobile devices (at the moment from the pc it is still possible to activate and deactivate the audio from the host without any request).

  2. I agree that you want to protect privacy and I find it right as an implementation BUT in case a participant uses raise hand he is automatically asking to spike, so why i have to asking again their consent? it’s illogic!

Help me understand with what logic this functionality has been implemented because I do not find it at all correct or useful implemented in this way.

Or you could simply insert a flag that says: I authorize the host to enable the microphone "which is displayed at the conference entrance.

Come on!

Thank u in advance for response

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This is an extremely inconvenient “improvement.”

This decision significantly impairs the ability to interact with conference participants. Managing conferences in which more than 50 or even 100 equal participants, we constantly use the option «mute all» and then «unmute» the speakers that are necessary at this time. It is in order not to listen to what people are talking about who accidentally did not turn off the microphone!

Speakers are often at a considerable distance from the computer, are poorly versed in technology and generally do not remember that you need to turn on the sound before you start talking. Turning off their sound, we are now not sure that the next time we turn to them, we will not spend several minutes getting access to communication with the participant again!

So, now we do not use the “mute all” button but spend much more time turning off and we hear much more “confidential” information.

At the end, when people participate in a regular (offline) conference, no one thinks that they will violate someone else’s privacy. If you came to an offline conference, you should understand that you cannot speak loudly in the hall, talk on the phone, etc.

As a solution to this problem, you can make additional permission in the conference settings for users to “agree that the host controls my microphone”. You can also make similar permission when entering the conference.

Right now, the inability to control sound makes us look for other solutions for our events.

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I agree 100%. No thought was put into this functionality on the part of the Dev Team at Zoom. We have an average of 100 commenters a week, and this has proved to be a huge problem. Please release a fix that the host would have control of the mute/unmute functionality of participants

Agree with these latest comments, If they add a checkbox “allow host to unmute me”, there should be no legal issues, and all who want, could benefit from this option. Please make this happen!

I agree. Lots of issues with unmuting. Could you please fix it asap?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the replies. As this is a system-wide change so the Zoom SDK cannot avoid the change. I totally understand your concerns. If you have any suggestions or other concerns, please submit a feedback at .