Bypass Zoom SDK Register user pop up

We need to by pass the following popup while joining the ZOOM meeting inside our app.


Here are few steps we already tried 



APPROVAL : No Registration Required.

When we join the meeting using SDK function 

_meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(this, params, opts)_

It still shows the popup.



APPROVAL : Automatically approved

After this setting, we added the registrant to the webinar using  Add a webinar registrant API.

While joining the meeting, we tried to add the registrant_id in the JoinMeetingOptions

_opts.participant\_id = "0uOqPjUxRPO5BZPGKxK5DQ"_

_meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(this, params, opts)_

It still shows the popup. ![](

Hi Klemen,

You need get the webinar token by the Rest API, and pass the token when call join meeting interface like below:

JoinMeetingOptions options = new JoinMeetingOptions();
options.webinar\_token = "USER WEBINAR TOKEN";

We are using this parameter and passing the token generated via this :


val headerJson = HashMap\<String, Any\>()
headerJson.put("alg", "HS256")
headerJson.put("typ", "JWT")
var payloadJson = HashMap\<String, Any\>()
payloadJson.put("iss", SoulvanaConstants.ZOOM\_API\_KEY)
payloadJson.put("exp", calendar.time)

val keyBytes = SoulvanaConstants.ZOOM\_API\_SECRET
val key = Keys.hmacShaKeyFor(keyBytes.toByteArray())

val jws = Jwts.builder()