Bypassing entering name step when joining a meeting

We are trying to integrate WebEx meeting invite with our Angular App. For better user experience we want to bypass the name and email entering step. Wonder if you can offer some help to solve this issue.

Hi @ian.li911122,

It seems your issue is related to Webex. Please reach out to Webex Developer Support Team for assistance.

Alternatively, if you want to have a look at our API’s please visit:


My bad, we are working on both tbh, I checked the api of zoom but I couldn’t find the http request that’s used sumbit name to zoom join the meeting


Are you looking for the Add a meeting registrant api ?


I just forwarded you my conversation with support team, and I put a screenshot in that email showing the page we are having problems with.

Basically we want user(meeting room in our case) to join the meeting anonymously(room name entered as participants name and send to zoom server beneath the UI) by only tap one button.

What email have you sent it with ?

You can questions to the developer support team at