Call logs - User not existing Error

I am using Server-to-server Oauth app.
My goal is to find the weekly activity of a user.

I am trying the endpoint :{userId}/call_logs/

No matter if i try the id or the email, i see:
“{"code":1001,"message":"User does not exist: ***"}”

For sure the user exist and when calling the /users/ endpoint it works ok.
“id”: “",
“first_name”: “Star”,
“last_name”: “Varb”,
“email”: "s
“type”: 2,
“role_name”: “Contractors”,


I have tried multiple users in the account - same result.

Hi @stanimir.varbanov

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
I am happy to help here!
Can you please try passing the email in your request url instead of passing the id?

Hi, it is the same.

*** Script: 6FkkwJkOydcQjbA
*** Script: “{"code":1001,"message":"User does not exist:"}”

Hi @stanimir.varbanov
I was able to look into this issue and it looks like the user you are trying to query does not have a phone number associated with their account.

Make sure that the user has a phone associated with their account

I have also edited your posts to hide the personal information for security

No, the user has phone number assosiated - when the calling the users/, I see there is number in phone_number

	"id": "6FkkwJkOQr2sGiyydcQjbA",
	"first_name": "Stanimir",
	"last_name": "Varbanov",
	"email": "s***",
	"type": 2,
	"role_name": "Contractors",
	"pmi": 4232516464,
	"use_pmi": false,
	"personal_meeting_url": "h*******",
	"timezone": "Europe/Sofia",
	"verified": 1,
	"dept": "Central Technology",
	"created_at": "2022-03-11T21:32:50Z",
	"last_login_time": "2022-06-21T07:18:50Z",
	"host_key": "303431",
	"cms_user_id": "",
	"jid": "****",
	"group_ids": [
	"im_group_ids": [],
	"account_id": "lVRfNV_8SUONnjvuGkv5Dw",
	"language": "en-US",
	"phone_country": "NL",
	"phone_number": "+31 2,
	"status": "active",
	"job_title": "Senior Technical Consultant",
	"company": " BV",
	"location": "en-GB",
	"login_types": [
	"role_id": "Rl1I1iQfMQCmWaXWCMJ9NaA",
	"account_number": 1209161,
	"cluster": "aw1",
	"phone_numbers": [
			"verified": true,
			"label": ""

Hi @stanimir.varbanov
I see what you mean, but it looks like this phone number is only part of their personal contact information and it is not linked with a Zoom phone license.

If you ask the Admin or owner of the account, they will be able to confirm with you that the user you are trying to get data from, does not have a Zoom phone license associated.

Hope this helps,

So the call logs are not the same as the meetings I guess… Helps a lot, thank you.

Which endpoint I have to use to see the meetings of a user?
report/users/‘+ userId +’/meetings gives me only the ones created by the same user.

Can I see all the meetings where the user participated, regardless of who created the meeting ?

Exactly @stanimir.varbanov the call logs are only intended to bring you data from Zoom Phone.

And you can only see the meeting that the user has created, but we do not have an endpoint that will bring you data of the meetings that the user has attended.

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Hey buddy you can try with other accounts, or create new.

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