Call Usage Reports

My company just started using Zoom Phones and I have 5 Calling Queues and 50 User Extensions. My problem is I don’t see a way to share Call Usage to Managers. For example, I have a Customer Service Manager who runs a team of 5. I want to be able to schedule call usage and call queue reports to be emailed to the Manager each day with stats from the day before. Ideally, I would be able to select any date range and schedule such a report.

This is a common feature for most Phone Solutions. I think because Zoom is new to this, they haven’t implemented a Call Reports feature.

I am aware that I can login to the Zoom portal and search for an extension, then export their usage, but its helpful to have a report scheduled and to include options to customize the report to my needs.

Has anyone been able to do something like this using the Zoom API?

Nick, I have the same need. Have you found a solution to your problem. Can you share your solution with me?

I am waiting for Zoom to release a solution. I heard 2021, but who really knows.

@NickT So Zoom even has not provided an API method method for you to export the CDR info daily?

I need the CDR exported daily or our organization will be missing an opportunity for revenue generation. Our CDR info is imported into our time-entry product as journal events that employees can easily click on and then charge time to the client for being on the phone with them.

You would think with Zooms bench of exceptional coders, Zoom could create a little packaged exe to do this for us.

I will let you know if I make any progress.