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Hi there,

I currently pull KPI statistics from the above endpoint. I’ve noticed that this week, almost all calls are now attributed Main Auto Receptionist. This hasn’t been the case in the past, calls are generally attributed to the caller.

For context, there are 1669 outbound phone calls attributed to the Main Auto Receptionist last week, and about 60 outbound phone calls attributed to individual users. The week before, there were 0 outbound phone calls attributed to Main Auto Receptionist and 1890 outbound phone calls attributed to individual users. As far as I can tell, the calls that are being attributed to the correct user are internal calls (calls between users), while all outbound calls to external numbers are attributed to the Main Auto Receptionist.

Does anybody know what might have caused this change? I’m no longer able to pull accurate outbound call stats as only a handful of each user’s outbound calls are being attributed to them. Thanks in advance!

Wrong Stats:

Right Stats:

Hi @R120120
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Sorry for the late reply here
Are you still seeing this behavior on your end?

Hi Elisa,

Yes still seeing this behaviour, any ideas what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

Interestingly, it looks like the accurate outgoing call figures can be obtained through reports on the Zoom website. However, since we have automated scripts that pull our call statistics via the Zoom API, this unfortunately isn’t suitable for us. How can we ensure that the values obtained via the API match values obtained via the website reports? Thanks in advance.

Hi @R120120
I want to say that the results that you are getting with your script should match the API, specially since they were matching in the past