Camera Control via API


I dont see the camera ptz controls listed in the API. I know extron recent release of their module has ptz control. 


Hi Kyle, did you ever get a response about this? I’m looking for the camera controls and don’t see anything.



The pre-release ZR-CSAPI has PTZ controls; however, I do not know if Extron has incorporated those API commands into the Extron drivers.


Thanks for the response Scott.

I’m actually developing a driver for Crestron and I have a Logitech Meetup camera / mic. So are you saying that there is a pre-release version of the API that I could use for PTZ control or will I need to wait until it’s released?



Yea: Fill out this form to activate the ZR-CSAPI for your Zoom account:

You will also get an email with a link to the FTP server that has a pre-release version of the Zoom Room with PTZ commands for both local and Far End Camera Control.