ZR-CSAPI announcement: Automation Control for Zoom Rooms


The new  Zoom Rooms Control System API  (ZR-CSAPI) is a CLI-based API that allows an external automation controller to fully control a Zoom Room via an SSH connection. The ZR-CSAPI is intended for Audio/Video integrators who install custom conference room solutions.

Our developer site now includes links and info to the ZR-CSAPI.

Use this forum to ask questions and post comments about the API.


See the blog post on the ZR-CSAPI:


The ZR-CSAPI will ship with the next version of the Zoom Room. However, integrators can request early access to the ZR-CSAPI by sending email to zrcsapi@zoom.us. The ZR-CSAPI is currently available for beta testing on Mac Zoom Rooms; a beta version for Window Zoom Rooms will roll out shortly.


Hi Scott, 


Excellent work :slight_smile: This is a key area that will be exciting to see how it progresses. I’ll send through an email, I’m interested in getting the beta for Windows. 



Richard Jenkins