Can any unlicensed user create zoom meetings consecutively? i got some errors

i want to create zoom meetings consecutively. According to my algorithm, first i define start and end dates. Secondly i select days and hours in one week which first date is the start date (it is like a lesson schedule). Then this one week schedule is applied all same days and hours between start and end dates.
Then i create zoom links one by one automaticly, i also use async/await functions to avoid skip dates and hours.

Then i create zoom links. if i use a licensed account, zoom links that i was defined their dates are created without exception. But when i use an unlicensed account some zoom links are not created. Besides there is no corelation between these skipped days and hours.
What should i do?

Hi @zubeyrberber – I think there’s two questions here, but please let me know if I’m misunderstanding.

First, an unlicensed user can create recurring meetings. Keep in mind that if the user is not licensed, they won’t have all the same capabilities (i.e. group meetings over 40 minutes, cloud recording, etc.), but they can still create meetings via API.

In regards to creating meetings with more than one instance it sounds like you’re trying to create a recurring meeting, but encountering some issues? If so, I should clarify that you can create a recurring meeting with one API request. Here is the linked documentation and a screenshot of an example of the recurrence object to include in your request.


This example is for a meeting that occurs once a week. Please let me know your thoughts.

thanks for remind me recurrence option of zoom. i really got it.
however i created an algoritm as i explained above (maybe it was a mistake but once i did it :slightly_smiling_face:). besides, maybe i tried it more than ten times, every time i had the same results so it cant be coincidence.
can you say that unlicensed users also have this kind of restriction.
thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @zubeyrberber I am still trying to understand a bit better – are you looking to create consecutive meetings with unique Zoom links or consecutive meetings with the same meeting link (assuming they are the same type of event).

Thank you!

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