How can I add payload to zoom deep links?

Is it possible to add a payload to a Zoom app deep link? I’m trying to create a link that opens the Zoom app in a given Zoom meeting, is that possible?

This is a feature we do not offer at this time but it is on our radar.

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Same question here. Is there an ETA for this?

@alex-aircover We don’t have confirmation on if/when this will be added to the deep link currently.

much needed feature, please add support

@chris2 You can use the action parameter with the deeplink. Checkout our docs for more info.

yea, I reviewed the docs, and am using the action parameter already, the problem is that the meeting is not launching along side the app and when you call launchAppInMeeting the app is relaunched in a new instance and the deeplink is lost. I can save to local storage as a work around, but the problem still remains that I now have two running instances of my app.

@chris2 If you need to communicate between the two instances of your app, you can use the onConnect() event to listen for when a meeting instance connects to your out-of-meeting instance.

Let me know if that helps.