Can I disable putting Name in Textbox when joining a new meeting?

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Is there any option to disable Textbox when zoom Meeting starts ? Basically I want to restrict users to put their Name.


We want to hide from Browser URL. Basically when meeting opens directly from Wordpress shortcode then it opens a page where user enters name i want that textbox populated with USername in disabled form so that user cannot edit that. Please refer sccreenshot.

Hey @acadza.zoom,

What Wordpress plugin are you referring to? To customize joining a Zoom meeting on the web, you can use the Web SDK:



Currently, username is required from this plugin. However, core webSDK allows you to join without manually typing a username and generating a random one. This has been done like this in the plugin because of the hosts to verify who exactly has entered. However, in later updates i will push the option to join with a random name without needing to enter a name explicitly.

Support forum for the plugin would be

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