Can I leverage any of the authentication methods to only allow webinar registration from users that exist in our database?

We host an extensive series of training webinars for our user base. We’d like to start enforcing authentication that references our own list of customers/users. Ideally webinar registration would be gated just to those whose email address is already stored in our user database. Any ideas on the best way to accomplish this? We’re very familiar with multiple authentication methods, would prefer to utilize SSO if possible.

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Hi @apalisch, there are two ways you can get this working. First, enforcing Authentication profiles for Webinars will prevent anyone from joining a meeting unless they match your configuration, including for specific domains or SSO. Second, you could set your Webinars to require manual approval for registrants. Using the Add Webinar Registrant API or the Webinar registration landing page, you can manage approvals for registrants based on any logic check you wish to perform on the email.

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