Can not join a meeting if already started another meeting before i am using pro zoom account and when i try to join another meeting link showing this error message "You are already in another meeting Do you want to end it and start this meeting?"

Hello @tejpratap

This is a space for developer-related issues so not sure why this is here, This is a resource that might help you

Also, check your meetings page on the Zoom website to confirm you don’t have any meetings running, if you do have join before host and someone is still in the meeting it can prevent you from hosting another one.

Regards, Kwaku

Ok but how to enable Hosting multiple meetings simultaneously, I need to join multiple meetings at the same time means how to enable Hosting multiple meetings simultaneously

I’m using Vue JS and PHP Laravel to generate the meeting link

My Account Type
Pro (Named Host) (Zoom OnePro)

can you please suggest ?

Hello @tejpratap as the doc I provided states you would need to upgrade your account to host simultaneous meetings please see the image below

Regards, Kwaku