Can we create or add user in a free Zoom account?

I have a question on whether we can create or add users on a completely free Zoom account(with credit card)? If yes how many users can we place under a free account and with paid accounts?

I have read managing users but I can’t get what they are actually saying. If I can add and create users with a free Zoom account with credit card then why can’t I add users using create user API?
Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 3.23.42 PM

I need a detailed and good explanation on this.


@usertestdelete92 I Hope you will be fine.

Nope, you can’t A Pro or higher plan is needed.

Okay @freelancer.nak but what is the meaning of this?

Check here.

@usertestdelete92 That means you can add or manage users manually form here → Sign In - Zoom.

No, I am asking what is meant by managing users as free with credit card?

@usertestdelete92 When you have free account & try to manage users from :point_down:

Then you need to fill in payment details & you will be not charged until purchase the license.