Can we create or add user in a free Zoom account?

I have a question on whether we can create or add users on a completely free Zoom account(with credit card)? If yes how many users can we place under a free account and with paid accounts?

I have read managing users but I can’t get what they are actually saying. If I can add and create users with a free Zoom account with credit card then why can’t I add users using create user API?
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I need a detailed and good explanation on this.


@usertestdelete92 I Hope you will be fine.

Nope, you can’t A Pro or higher plan is needed.

Okay @freelancer.nak but what is the meaning of this?

Check here.

@usertestdelete92 That means you can add or manage users manually form here → Sign In - Zoom.

No, I am asking what is meant by managing users as free with credit card?

@usertestdelete92 When you have free account & try to manage users from :point_down:

Then you need to fill in payment details & you will be not charged until purchase the license.

Okay @freelancer.nak .

So this means We can create and manage Users from Zoom UI. But we cannot create Users from Zoom API for free Users right.

You will be able to create Users using Zoom REST API but you must have Pro or higher license.


@usertestdelete92 Here is the session about that.

Okay. I looked into an another post as well, there they have mentioned the same thing.

So Thank you @freelancer.nak .

Reference Post: