Can you create meetings with arbitrary hosts with an account-level OAuth app?

Our app currently integrates with Zoom via the JWT app type. We would like to publish our integration on the Zoom marketplace and I understand that only OAuth apps can be published.

The use case for our app is one in which the users who use our app create Zoom meetings where other users within their organization serve as the host. i.e. user A schedules a meeting for user B of which user B is the host. One aspect of the JWT style of integration that is very useful to us is the fact that we can do this: set any Zoom user as the host of the meeting that we are creating regardless of whether it’s the same user as the one logged in and using our app.

My understanding is that if we were to build a user-level OAuth integration we would need each user to have scheduling privileges for each other user that they would want to create meetings on behalf of. Keeping the correct scheduling privileges up to date is untenable for many of our users because they have hundreds of other users they schedule on behalf of.

Am I correct in my understanding that an account-level OAuth integration would be free of this concern? That it would function like a JWT app where we could authenticate once at the organization level rather than the user level and then create meetings where any Zoom user within the account can be the host?

Which App Type?
OAuth / JWT

Which Endpoint/s?
Create meeting

Hey @elyes,

Thanks for explaining your use case. Based on what you’re trying to accomplish—publish an app on our Marketplace that allows users to schedule meetings for other users (on their respective accounts)—an account-level OAuth App should allow you to accomplish this.

The important thing to note here is that in order for User A to schedule a meeting for User B, both User A and B would both still need to be under the same account that installs your app.

However, even if those users are still on the same account, they need to have scheduling permissions enabled for another user to be able to schedule on their behalf. This applies to all Zoom users, regardless of account, app type, etc. In other words, the scheduling privilege is separate from the App/Account-Level permissions—if a user doesn’t allow other users to schedule on their behalf based on their settings, having an OAuth level app won’t change this.

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if you still have questions.


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