Candidate interviews with 1 meeting, multiple people

Hello! We’d like to be able to schedule a single zoom meeting for a candidate to use during a long interview in which they meet with multiple people.

For example, the candidate may meet with person A in the first hour, and person B in the second hour. We want the candidate to stay in the same zoom meeting, person A to leave and person B to join.

Person A hosts a completely different zoom meeting during the second hour of the interview, and person B does the same for the first hour.

We are running into trouble doing this because a host cannot have multiple concurrent meetings running. See Neither person A nor B can be the host because they have other meetings that intersect.

Are there any suggestions on how to handle this case? Thank you!


Hi @cyounkins-is,

You can consider assigning alternative hosts for a meeting. Please note that Host B has to be present in the meeting before Host A leaves it.

To know more, please visit:

Piggybacking on this question… Can’t you have an interview and request the next candidate to get permission to enter before the first interview is over?

Hey @mshaw,

Checkout the waiting room feature:

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