Enabling multiple meetings through our website by multiple users simultaneously

We are developing a job board (similar to upwark in concept). We would like to know how to enable multiple external interviewers to create meetings in zoom right from our website through our Zoom API. Please note that both the interviewer and the interviewee are external to our company.

How can this be done?
We need to enable multiple meetings being created simultaneously.

Please note, only interviewers can create instant or scheduled meetings with interviewees.

Welcome, @ssburaik,

Thank you for posting. Sounds like you are looking to host concurrent meetings, is that correct? To do so, you will need to enable the Concurrent Meetings to feature on your account. Here our support article on that :

With regards to scheduling, have you considered creating a user and assigning scheduling privileges programmatically? This workflow will allow you to create a user in your account that the interviewer can use schedule meetings. See our guide on that workflow you can reference :

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