Multiple Simultaneous Meetings - Alternate Host

We have users that are assigned as alternate hosts in multiple meetings so they don’t have to wait in the waiting room. It seems like they’re only able to enter as a host in one meeting at a time. Is that the desired behavior? It would be great if they could bypass the waiting rooms in all their meetings when entering simultaneously.

Hey @msmythers,

Yes, that is the intended behavior.


Would be great if some licensed user (A), who was previously indicated by a host (B) as an alternative host, could claim for the host, in order to start and mantain the meeting at same date and time, scheduled by the same user (B).
Use cases (in our school): one secretary scheduling meetings at same date and time, for different hosts (those people are able to start their own meetings as they are declared as alternative host). But, if the secretary starts another room, it ends up the other; an assistant scheduling some classes for different teachers, happens the same thing… Thanks!


While that may be the intended behavior, from my view, it is NOT the desired behavior. We had a four meeting concurrent limit in Webex that was usually pretty functional. I only hit that limit if we were testing something.

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I am planning to move to Webex, only because of this issue on Zoom.