Preview in Zoom App|Meeting for local development PWA <Game>

I was wondering if it is possible to local test an App in a Zoom Meeting without app being being published ( not even in private).

Although the app is in the installed list in the web manager it does not show on the Desktop app.
The app is not published since it is in development and integration process.

Which App?
Preview URL: App Marketplace

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install App
  2. Open Zoom Desktop
  3. Go to My Apps
  4. App does not show here.

Additional context
This is dev related. The app simply opens and captures the username and profile picture to be shown in game. It would be great to test this before pushing it to published status.

Hi @lmigueldf,

Is this in reference to an OAuth App type, or another app type? If this is in reference to a Zoom App, specifically, please let me know—these questions will be best directed to our designated Chat channels for partners.


Hi @will.zoom,

Yes this is related to a OAuth App Type.
So basically we have a Trivia game (web based running, similar to the flow we see on Head’s up by Playco) where we have a host and players. The host shares the game flow on Zoom and Invitees can join via device or directly on Zoom panel. Although we have the game running on web alone, I wanted to test the integration with Zoom ( get look and feel same as, again, Head’s up). Although I can install and test the flow I cannot seem to test it locally on my Windows Desktop Zoom Application and I feel I cannot publish that without a good technical full preview of the product.

Thanks in advance for your time. Cheers,

Hi @lmigueldf,

Thanks for clarifying.

OAuth Apps are for authorizing end users so that you can make requests on their behalf to our APIs and certain SDKs. The Desktop Zoom App would not interact directly with your app—this would be a use case more directed towards Zoom Apps, our in-meeting app type. If you’re interested in developing a Zoom App, this will be an option in the near future, after our general availability for developers is opened up.


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