Cannot Join Meeting That Requires Registration

We hear you, @matthew.benedict.1! Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

i joined this forum just in order to ask this question. i am not a developer.
nor am i a zoom operator–just a lowly meeting joiner.
i am trying to join a meeting that requires registration, run by a service organization.
the meeting announcement contains only a URL to go to to register.
it is not working, goes to zoom error page.
here is the URL, transcribed manually from the meeting announcement flyer.
i may not have copied it correctly, but i have checked it carefully numerous times.
i have updated my imac desktop zoom app to the latest version, 5.4.2.
there is no contact info provided on the flyer to get help with this.
so i am going to miss this meeting.
any thoughts much appreciated!
thank you.
and i apologize for faking my way in.

Hey @marthayesmar,

Let me point you to the right support channel. :slight_smile: Please send this to so that the support team can better assist you. This forum is for the Zoom Developer Platform.


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Sorry, you probably mistyped the URL, or registration closed, etc. - nothing anyone can do about that.
You can already register for a meeting on the website, you just can’t join a registered meeting yet.

As to return to the topic, still looking forward to this being implemented, and hope it’s sooner than later. (It’s kind of frustrating to need to keep the iOS app downloaded just to join a single Zoom meeting I have in a day. :wink: :exploding_head:)

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Hey @matthew.benedict.1,

Thank you for providing that explanation and your feedback. :slight_smile:

We are working on allowing a pre registered user join a meeting / webinar with the Web SDK. Stay tuned!


It seems this was implemented now: I’m able to join a registration-required meeting now - perhaps in Web SDK 1.8.5? Regardless, thank you and Happy New Year!


Hey @matthew.benedict.1,

Happy to hear you got it sorted out! However, I am not sure we released this in 1.8.5. I will confirm with the team. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!


Hi @tommy , I wanted to bump this. We can many folks using our Zoom Meeting Timer App that have been asking to have this work with meetings that require registration.

As of web SDK version 1.8.6 this still does not work as far as I can tell. Can you comment on the timeline for updates?

Hey @vandalayindustries ,

To confirm, you developed the Zoom Meeting Timer App?

If you are using the Web SDK to programmatically join the meeting and screen share a timer, I suggest you adapt this to Zoom Apps once they are generally available.


Hi @tommy thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I am part of the team that developed the illustrious Zoom Meeting Timer App. We submitted our email to the Zoom Apps page some time ago and have not heard anything about it. Can you provide any insight into an application process to get access, or ETA of when this will be generally available?

Also regarding the original question on this channel…do you have any insight or timeline as to when the Web SDK will support meetings that require registration?


Hey @vandalayindustries ,

Zoom Apps will be open towards the middle of the year. :slight_smile:

I do not have an exact timeline, but we are working on this feature.


Hi @tommy ,

Congrats on the launch of Zoom Apps yesterday. Was curious, is there an application process for being included in Zoom Apps or is this intended to stay a closed ecosystem?


There’s not a process at the moment—however, we hope to introduce general availability for developers soon. :slight_smile: