Cannot test Guest mode for Webinar without logging in

I’ve tried to test the Guest mode in Webinar feature for our app. It should work out of the box - but I cannot send invites to Webinar attendees that are not logged in.

When I join my test webinar (for our app with Webinar support and the Guest mode feature enabled) I don’t receive the app invitation when the host clicks “Send to All attendees”.

If I log in with another account that has the Webinar apps beta enabled - then I do get the invitation.

Perhaps working as it should then. But how do I test the Guest mode feature - If I have to be logged in to see Apps in Webinar?

Hey @it-operations,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Are you still having issues with guest mode when working with unauthenticated users in Webinars? I would expect this is due to the closed beta but I want to make sure you have a path forward for testing.


@it-operations Two things to check for this scenario:

  1. Are you using the latest client on the attendee side?
  2. Have you followed all steps in “testing guest mode” (from the documentation) on attendee side?
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