Zoom App - problem testing Webinars

We have successfully published our Zoom App - Linkando (App Marketplace) - some time ago. Now we would like to add Webinar support. We have enabled Guest Mode and added the Webinar Scope (zoomapp:inwebinar), as described in the documentation. However, the development version of our app still doesn’t work within Webinars.

Issue details
We have added Guest mode support some time ago, then re-published the app, and now the Guest Mode works fine (both in dev and production apps). Our next goal is Webinar support. We have added the Webinar Scope (zoomapp:inwebinar), as described in the documentation. Haven’t submitted for publish afterwards - as we need to test it in the development version of the app first. However, when I try to open the development version of the app within a Webinar, I see the “Linkando is not supported in webinars” error (see picture).

On this screenshot, the app is displayed in the “Webinar ready apps” list, but still won’t start within the webinar with an error. Which looks like a contradiction.

Is this a bug or expected behavior? Do we need to perform additional actions to get the development app running in Webinars? Do we need to re-submit the app first?


per @evgeny.balashov,

How did you enable webinar support?
I think the issue is that if you try to install app from discovery - it is a production app that doesn’t yet have the features
You need to install development app using a different link, and try to open it from “my apps”
If that helps, you could create a new app for testing (don’t publish it), debug everything there, then transition settings to you main app and submit for review.


Hi @ash.provost !

It seems that I was following the instructions correctly, and it did work for a test app I created, but not for somehow not for Linkando app. However after updating Zoom Client and restarting I’ve finally got it working.

Thanks again!