Can't add meeting_summary scopes in server-to-server app

I have a Server-to-server account-level app. I am an admin on the account. I am trying to access the meeting_summary endpoints, which require the scopes meeting_summary:read:admin ,meeting_summary:read. But when I go to the “Add Scopes” page for my app in the app marketplace, these scopes are not available, nor is anything else about meeting summaries. Is there some way to add these?

@aubrey ,

Does your account fulfil these requirements?


@chunsiong.zoom those prerequisites seem to be about the specific meeting that you’re trying to get the summary for. My problem is with adding the scopes required for this request the app level, before even trying to make a request for the meeting summary. I’m on the screen shown below.

But also, yes the host I’m trying to get the summary for has a pro plan with the AI companion feature enabled.

@aubrey , could you confirm on your account, or on the owner’s account that you are able to see AI Companion on Sign In | Zoom?

If this is turned off at account level, you might not be able to get the scope from the API

@chunsiong.zoom yes those options are turned on. Here is a screen capture from the account owner.

Having the same issue, can anyone from Zoom fix this??

@chunsiong.zoom would be great if we could get some more info here. Thanks!

@aubrey I’ll PM you to get your account details

@estheticedgedigital what issue are you having?

I did this same process and can access my summaries manually but when I try to run the API with my app through Zapier I get the error: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[meeting_summary:read, meeting_summary:read:admin].”.

I have added meeting_summary:read:admin and it is still giving me this error and I do not have the option to add meeting_summary:read in the scopes.

@estheticedgedigital I’ll pm you for some details

@estheticedgedigital @aubrey

Could you get your owner to enable “Meeting summary with AI Companion” in → user management → roles → Admin → role settings ->Account management ?

@chunsiong.zoom I am having a similar issue with our user-managed app. I have the meeting_summary:read scope added get the following status code and response text.
Failed to fetch meeting summary. Status code: 400, Response:
“code”: 200,
“message”: “No permission.”

@chunsiong.zoom i have the same issue on my Server-To-Server OAuth App
the AI Companion is enabled on the account level, but i can’t see the meeting_summary scopes on the scope list