Can't download zoom_i686.tar.xz

I would like this too, where should I make my interest clear?

I have no idea who the devs are. Everything I know about them is on this page. (see tommy’s link to apply for a job)

@tommy What would be awesome is if Zoom went open-source.

If Zoom was open-source, anybody could review the code, identify vulnerabilities or other bugs, and propose fixes for them. For free.
The Zoom company would basically be getting free feedback and free developers. Who wouldn’t want that?
Have you ever heard of Google Chrome? There’s a reason Chrome is the universal standard for browsers: it’s open-source and anyone can propose improvements for it. Thousands of unpaid volunteers around the world contribute to the Chromium project daily, and this has been the key to its success.
Open source benefits everyone. If you want to see a new feature, you have the power to add it yourself.

I’d love to compile Zoom for the Raspberry Pi platform and fix a few bugs, but it’s not possible until the source code is made available.

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Yes if it was open source that would be great :+1:

Hey @Pythonic456 , @Botspot ,

Good suggestions! Can you please move this discussion to #feature-requests if there are no outstanding issues you need support with?