Created Apps missing after Accounbt Upgrade

I created a couple of apps with a free account. Now my organization has upgraded to a paid plan. My account is also upgraded.

Now I cannot find the previously created apps.

Which App?
Prodoscore {Stage: ELbqEbszRu2Cz41xXi3LWw, Prod: zhX8j310RS8CnWrZtYM7g}

Additional context
I hope someone from the Zoom side could move the apps from my previous (free) account to this new account…

If you cannot - knowing that would be helpful so I can go ahead and create those two - again - ASAP.

Hey @vishva8k,

Sorry to hear you lost your apps. It will be faster if you just recreate them.

Otherwise we can switch them over but it will take longer to complete.