Can't get read access to chats, channels, and roles endpoint access

I am creating an OAuth account-level app. I have an admin role account with a licensed version.
I need to fetch chats, channels and roles from the zoom account which requires these three scopes:


but when I try to get an authentication code for the same this error is returned:

You cannot authorize ZoomConnectorDevelopBETA

You cannot install the app because you don’t have the required permissions. Please contact your IT administrator for permission and try again. Edit on Web Portal

API Features

View “Chat messages”

API Features

View “Chat channels”

User and Permission Management

View “Role management”

These are the 3 API endpoints I am using to fetch data from zoom.

  1. v2/chat/users/{userId}/channels
  2. v2/chat/users/{userId}/messages
  3. v2/roles

How do I get access to these end-points in my account?

Hi @kashyap.solanki ,

You may have the Admin role, but your settings may still not be configured for what you want to do with chat. Please check this out and review your web portal settings:


Hey, @gianni.zoom I have Added a read permission by visiting #roles from Admin’s account.
The problem I’m facing is that I can fetch the chat messages that happened between individual accounts having proper chat access permissions, but the response doesn’t include messages from chat channels.
I have added the chat_message:read:admin and chat_channel:read:admin scopes to the Oauth App.
Permissions added to the role:

I tested my code before few days, to be precise before Friday for this
API was returning all the conversations that happened with anyone from user_id along with the conversations from channels also.
But now it only returns messages sent from the account in which the OAuth App is created irrespective of the user_id I pass in the queries, the response doesn’t include messages from chat channels.
Although it is clearly mentioned in this
Endpoint: Zoom Chat API
that if we use
search_type and search_key then it will return all the chats initiated by the user_id present in the get query from either 1:1 chats or from chat channels.

Did you get time to look into this issue? @gianni.zoom

Hi @kashyap.solanki ,

The support team member you have been coordinating with is going to follow up with you shortly. Thanks so much!