Can't see Pardot lists in Zoom

Having followed the instructions to integrate Zoom webinars with Pardot lists (using Salesforce SSO) no data is pulling through.

No data pulls through. Error message sometimes displays at the top of the screen.

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Follow documented instructions to install.
  2. Hit ‘configure’ next to ‘Generate Prospects in Pardot via Lists’.
  3. No data pulls through from dropdown lists.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hey @f.mckie ,

A similar issue was shared a few months ago, you can checkout the discussion here:


Hi Tommy

Thanks for being in touch. I have read this and followed the instructions you gave in this instance, including the amended instructions for Pardot SSO users (that’s me) which can be found in this Google Doc.

With respect, there isn’t actually a resolution documented on this case. I am experiencing exactly the same problem as Lynn, have uninstalled and re-installed the connector multiple times and checked all admin privileges etc. I’ve spent a long time looking at this and would really appreciate some help from a Zoom representative to take a closer look, if possible.


Hey @f.mckie ,

Thanks for looking at that thread and sharing the Google Doc. I will pass these details along to our engineers who made the Pardot app and we will work on a solution. (ZOOM-214619)

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much Tommy! :grinning:

Hey @f.mckie ,

I have some helpful info for you! :slight_smile:

During Pardot setup, you have to setup the Pardot environment to use a specific version of the Pardot API. Our Pardot integration only supports v4 which means you have to setup their environment to use v4 in order to use our integration. We are enhancing our integration to support either v3 or v4 very soon.


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