Pardot custom fields not populating properly from zoom custom question

I am using Pardot custom field (with a dropdown having 8 options) and I want this to be synced with Zoom custom question. So from the Pardot configuration ( within Zoom, I map Custom Questions with the Pardot Custom Field. In my use case ‘Role’. I map the dropdown of the Pardot custom field with that of Custom Questions within individual ‘Webinar’ registration settings. However, everytime I am doing a test, I am running into ‘Invalid sync errors’ within Pardot as the options are not matching.

The error which I am receiving at my end is -
Invalid picklist value: Role: bad value for restricted picklist field: [{"title":"Role","value":"Graduate / Ph.D. Student"}]
Graduate / Ph.D. Student is one of the options in the dropdown.


Is there a way I can avoid this error because if you see along with the correct option the other tags are getting attached everytime - '[{“title”:“Role”,“value”:""}]

Hey @jovemarketing ,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue! :slight_smile: We are investigating it now, and will get back to you. (ZOOM-244541)


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