Case inconsistency with Emails

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We are trying to lookup an email address against the payload returned on a page. This would let us know if the participant with the mentioned email address attended the meeting.

We are noticing that the case of the email address is inconsistent when we get the paginated result with next page token vs when its not. This is is throwing off our integration and missing out on counting the participants.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Create registrants with camel case email addresses in the meeting and make them as participants.
*2. Use the above endpoint to retrieve the participants with page size less than total participants so the next page token is created
*3. Then run the above endpoint for your meeting with page size greater than total participants so there is no next page token

You will notice -

  1. When there is a next token, all email addresses returned are in lower case
  2. When without a next token, all email addresses are returned as the case with which they were created as registrants.

Can you please assist with this as it is getting very difficult to deal with this issue and will need a major and costly design change to the integration if we have to convert each participant instance’s email address to lowercase and then compare them.

This has been reported before Participant email casing changes based on next_page_token presence in response

Hi @vsehgal
Thanks for reaching out to us
Are you still seeing this behavior on your end?

I just wanted to confirm that I did some testing on my end and was not able to replicate this on my end. Even if I register the participants using camel case, when I run the report I get the mail with lower cases, no matter if there is a next_page_token or not