Web SDK 1.8.6 Cannot see screen sharing button

I cant see screen sharing button, when joining zoom meeting. I cant find any related topic, so i assume it should be something basic. First of all i start my app on localhost, but can use audio/video options.

Do i have to do anything to enable this feature ?

Which version?


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Macbook pro
  • OS: 11.1
  • Browser: Chrome

Hey @jakub.siwek ,

It looks like you have not imported the Zoom Web SDK CSS. Here are the details:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


I think i do have css imported, but as i accessed my zoom meeting from native mac app with start_url i realized that i dont see screen sharing icon in zoom app either. So i presume, that my client in his zoom account somehow disabled screen sharing option

Hey @jakub.siwek,

Thank you for the update. You can make sure that screen sharing is enabled for your meetings by navigating to the Settings page of your Zoom Portal:

Let me know if that helps.


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