Change in Phone API call "Get recording by call ID", " file_url" no longer listed in documentation


I’m working on using the API endpoint “get /phone/call_logs/{id}/recordings” and I’m looking to grab a field called “file_url” from the returned JSON and pull the url from it. The API call works and I’m able to get the url from it to stream the audio from zoom.

My concern is, the documentation for that specific call changed recently where the “file_url” field is no longer listed as a return value despite it being returned in the JSON. Is there plans to deprecate that particular field?

Hi @tomevanko ,

Can you please private message me a screenshot of the response? I will work with the team to get the docs updated and check on this!

Hey Gianni,

I tried messaging you privately but keep getting an error when I tried doing it. At the same time, it won’t let me attach an image to the messages either

Hi @tomevanko ,

Just private messaged you. It should work if you respond there. Thanks!

Hi @tomevanko ,

Thanks so much for sending over your examples. I’ve submitted a formal investigation with our docs to confirm if this was an oversight or if there will be deprecation (DEVELOPERS-4154).