Server-To-Server OAuth Create Webinars

Hey guys,

I’ve created a ServerToServer Oauth App with wich i want to create and manage webinars.
But I’m just able to define Scopes for webinars wich allow readingOperations. Create and UpdateOperations are not scopable.
Am I’m missing something or is this not implemented yet for ServerToServer oAuth-Apps?

Tried as well to create an oAuth app. There im able to set the right scopes but i’m not able to specify a redirectUrl because my DevEnv is not reachable from outside.

Is there a solution for oAuth problem above if the scoping of the ServerToServer oAuth does not work?

Implementation via JWT is working but i don’t want to implement it that way due to the deprecation next year.

Thx in advance!

My developer account didn’t have permission to add the webinar:write:admin scope, and we resolved this by transferring ownership of the app to the account owner from the Created Apps page and instructing the owner to add the needed scopes, then transfer ownership back to me. Then I’d fill out the justifications for those scopes.