Request for Assistance with Server-to-Server OAuth App Activation

We are reaching out for assistance with our Server-to-Server OAuth app activation. Our goal is to migrate from JWT to Server-to-Server OAuth in order to fetch and register users using webinar API on our application. We followed the steps outlined in the documentation found at to create our app.

We were able to successfully build the app and add a scope for webinar access. However, after assigning the admin access scope to the user and then removing it, we received an “Update to your user role permissions” notification (screenshot attached). Additionally, the app status is now showing as deactivated.

Could you please provide us with assistance on how to activate our Server-to-Server OAuth app and ensure that we have the appropriate permissions to access the required scopes?

The user that hosts the application also needs the same permissions that the application uses on an ongoing basis.

To help troubleshoot, you can restore the user’s admin access temporarily, add the scopes, then visit the URL<appID> (where <appID> is the application ID from the URL of your application’s management pages) for instructions on where to grant each scope, then apply that to the user that hosts the application, remove the admin access , and then that user can add the scopes to your application again (if needed). (This process is unfortunately clumsy because you can only see where to grant the scope after you’ve already added the scope. Maybe someone has a sample application ID that exercises all the scopes?)