Change the name and logo of OAuth App


Users need to log in for the meeting that requires Only Authenticated Users Can Join. After the user logged in successfully, Zoom will request to authorize with Zoom Web SDK Helper.

But for the production needs, we want to change the name and the logo of this app. So Is there any way to change it?

P.S. I tried to work around by creating an OAuth app (Fig. 3), but I don’t know what to do next after I got the response code.

Which version?

  • Version: 1.8.1


Fig. 1: Login popup

Fig. 2: Authorization popup

Fig. 3: Authorization popup with my OAuth app

Hey @xuanloc,

You can change the name and logo of your OAuth app, in your OAuth app settings :slight_smile:


Thanks @tommy, what I mention here is the OAuth App (Zoom Web SDK Helper - Fig.2) that Zoom SDK use to authorize the user. I think there is no way to change the name and logo of this app. But I there anyway (e.g SDK configuration) to use my OAuth app (Fig.3) to authorize and join the meeting (using ZoomMtg.join function)?

Hey @xuanloc,

Thanks for the clarification.

Not at this time.


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