Chat does not show up in browser when using Campaign

Hi all -

We are pretty new to ZCC but overall going pretty well. I have a strange question regarding the chat - we have a verified subdomain set up, an active campaign for chat, etc.

When we use this:


the chat loads fine, but does not show any of the stylistic elements of the campaign.

However when we use the snippet indicated by the campaign:


nothing shows up - no errors, nothing at all - but the script appears to load. any ideas to help?

Thank you in advance!!

  • Jack

Hi Jack,

For the second option (e.g. the one without the entry ID) then you need to configure a campaign for web chat. This is underneath the Contact Center Management > Campaigns section of your Zoom admin portal.

At a high-level, you will need:

  • Create a campaign for web chat
  • Create a styled button on the campaign
  • Make sure the date/time is active for the campaign
  • Make sure the campaign is running
  • Make sure the campaign location is applying, if you are getting started you can just use “All Engagement Locations”

Take a look here for more info: