Chat have no webhook events for the external User

The message has no event when the external user sent message in the channel or DM.

Has no Webhook at all, only the user in the organization has.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Oauth (but use webhook)

Which Endpoint/s?
Events: chat_message.sent

Hi @k-root ,

To clarify, are you expecting to receive webhooks and are not receiving them? If so, please reference this post for next steps:


No, I do received webhooks for the internal User(user in organization), so the issue here is for the external User. If you Chat with external User, the webhook only send the chat_message.sent event for your message but no external User’s at all. Does that clarify the issue?

Hi @gianni.zoom:
Could you reply this? I think this is a major issue for us, even the API has the message, webhook don’t send the external users webhook event, that make the webhook events incomplete and force us to use API and apparently reach the rate limit eventually.

Please reply this thread. @gianni.zoom