Not getting event notifications for chats

I have not been able to get any event notifications for chat messages

No error messages - just not getting events
Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I first tried using a Webhook-only app; but it does not have Chat Message notifications. The documentation says I need a user-managed OAuth app with “Chat Message Sent” subscriptions; so I did that. I am able to get responses to API calls in the app; but I am not getting any event notifications for chats.

Which Endpoint/s?

I am trying to scrape chat messages from judges in a photo competition to get their scores for images. Doing this manually is cumbersome, so I am trying to develop an app to gather the scores automatically and send them to the scoring program.

Hi @dwputz,

Can you ensure that the endpoint you’re specifying to receive Zoom payloads that meets these requirements:

  • Is publicly accessible (not behind a login)
  • Returns a 200OK response upon receiving payloads

When I try to ping the endpoint you’ve provided, I get a 500 error.



Sorry, I didn’t leave the app for the endpoint running. I"ll leave it up for whatever you
would like to try. Thanks!


Hey @dwputz,

I’m still not able to access that URL. Have you tried testing your Webhook app with another endpoint? If you use a tool like RequestBin for example, do you still have the same issue?


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