Chat is disabled by default

I’ve suddenly started getting a disabled by default chat. Am I doing something wrong?
I recently updated @zoomus/websdk and played with profile settings, but I haven’t disabled the chat.

Here is my settings related to the chat:

And here is my init config:

    disableInvite: true,
    disableCallOut: true,
    disableRecord: true,
    disableJoinAudio: true,
    screenShare: false,
    videoDrag: false,
    videoHeader: false,
    disableReport: true,

And chat for attendees is looking like this:

Please, help me.

Which version?
@zoomus/websdk: latest
Chrome: latest

Hey @ayubov,

Perhaps your account level settings are over ridding your user Chat setting. Can you check the chat settings here:


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