Chat message notification recieved when sending messages as co-host


So an odd one today - we are using mac version v5.4.54518.1229 (so it’s possible this has been fixed with latest) - it appears then when the SDK user is a co-host (possibly also host, haven’t tested) then the “-(void)gotChatMessage:(int)fromUserID fromUserName: (NSString*)fromUserName withMessage: (NSString*)messageText” Delegate call is called every time that the user sends a message (which is not expected, this generally should only be recieved when the user recieves a message)

I have added in a test to catch this but it seems like behaviour which should be removed…


Hi @richard1, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I am not sure that this is unexpected behavior, but perhaps I am overlooking a detail if you believe it is not working properly. My thinking is that, when a message joins the current pool of messages for a meeting, this callback would be triggered. Since you are the one sending the message, this serves more as a confirmation that your message has posted to this pool than a notification of a new message being received.

Does that explanation make sense or am I missing something?


Hi Jon

Thanks for coming back to me - a slight correction to my earlier post in that the notification from the SDK is actually - (void)onChatMessageNotification:(ZoomSDKChatInfo*)chatInfo;

The behaviour is definitely unexpected to me and appears inconsistent - if the callback should be fired whenever I send a message then it should not be affected by my host status.

I’m not totally clear why I would want a callback for when I’m sending a message, but if that is the desired intention then the documentation should probably be updated and the behaviour made consistent!

Hi @richard1,

No worries on the method name, I assumed you were talking about that one. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have confirmed that the equivalent of this callback is received on other SDK platforms, so I am pretty confident that this is functioning as expected. As noted in my previous response, this callback confirms that the message you have sent has successfully posted to the meeting chat.

If you have logic within this callback which you do not want to be executed when the sender is the current user, you can check the sender’s ID via getSenderUserID and compare that against your own ID.


Thanks Jon - that’s fine but still doesn’t explain why the notification is only receieved when the user sends a message as host/co-host. This method should either be called whenever a message is sent/recieved or just when a message is received - I don’t see any reason why this should be dependant on the host priviledges of the user

Hi @richard1,

If this is not being triggered when a non-host attendee sends a message, that sounds like a bug to me. Since there have been changes related to chat in the most recent SDK release (v5.4.54802.0124), can you please try upgrading to this version and letting me know if you are still not receiving the callback as a regular attendee?