Closing app does not properly leave the meeting

@michael_p.zoom thanks for the update! FYI- the participants is incorrectly shown for much longer than 30 seconds in my tests… sometimes as long as 5 minutes.

Thanks @edward, we will work on fixing this.


Pls keep me posted on this issue

Hey @vijayk.kannan,

We will keep you updated. (DEVELOPERS-584)


Is there any update on this ?

Hi @vijayk.kannan,

We’re still working on this issue, however due to the feature freeze[1], this enhancement might be delayed. To stay up to date on the latest release, you can subscribe to your change log page here[2].

1 -
2 -


The following seems to mitigate this problem and I have so far been unable to reproduce the issue with this code on Chrome (closing tab, refreshing, navigating away, etc):

window.addEventListener('unload', () => {

That said, I’m not sure if this is a reliable solution. It would depend on the implementation of leaveMeeting (i.e. does this send a request with keepalive, is it synchronous, etc). There is a limited amount of time to respond to the unload event and any asynchronous XHR requests without a keepalive can easily be cancelled by the browser. Perhaps Zoom folks could chime in on this.


Hey @steveg,

Thanks for sharing this. This is in our backlog to fix, but I do not have a timeline.


Any update on a fix for this, or any ideas for a workaround meanwhile? I am seeing the same as @steveg above. Thanks

Hey @k77,

At the moment we don’t have a solid timeline, though this is on our radar and our team will be addressing this in an upcoming release.


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Hi @k77 & @tommy,

When I leave or end the Meeting if I start meeting immediately again, the Host will appear twice in the Participant list but after 30 seconds, the old one will get removed automatically, what is the solution for this.


Hi @steveg,

No, i am using your workaround, but it does not work properly, i can see participants for 30-40 seconds after the meeting is end.


Perhaps someone from Zoom can respond… @tommy or @will.zoom ?

Hey @k77,,

Please follow this thread for updates:

Basically what is happening is Zoom detects that the user is no longer in the meeting after 30ish seconds, then removes the participant from the UI.


Why is my zoom not letting me leave the meeting

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Please create a new topic here: #client-web-sdk and fill out the post template so we have enough details to help. :slight_smile:


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Hey @r473641,

If you’re encountering issues with a feature of the Web SDK, please submit a new post in the #client-web-sdk category and fill out the post template. We will be sure to assist you ASAP.


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Hey @r473641 ,

For feature requests, you can share them here: #feature-requests