{"code":300,"message":"User does not exist: xxxxx@xxxx.com."}

I’ve been using: Zoom Chat API > Send a chat message

This API worked before, but has stopped working since 2022-08-15.
Now this API throws the error: {“code”:300,“message”:“User does not exist: xxxxx@xxxx.com.”}

I checked Zoom Chat API

It says:
To send a message to a contact, provide the contact’s email address in the to_contact field

I have to provide the “user’s ID” (instead of email address) for “to_contact” to make it work.
It doesn’t recognize “email address” now.

Hi @Amrita_helpdesk thank you for reporting. I’m going to PM to get the following:

  • full API request/response with email and user id
  • account id from which you are making the request

I will try to reproduce and submit for further investigation to our API team.

Thanks. Reply in PM.


I have exactly the same problem and the same solution on my side.

EDIT : for some users, email address works, i don’t know why.

Hi @ThomasD ,

I’m going to PM you as well to get the info requested to submit as a possible bug to our service engineering team.